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What is Onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis is an infection of the nails on the hands or feet caused by yeasts, better known as dermatophytosis (Trichophyton and Microsporum). It is a very common condition and affects, in most cases, more adults than children. It is more frequently found in the feet than in the hands. When there is an infection of this kind, the skin adjacent to the nail can be affected and the infection may be transmitted to other healthy nails and from person to person. Among the most commonly exposed patients are people with diabetes and athletes. It affects the circulation in the extremities of the body.

What are the symptoms?

Usually, there are no symptoms. It affects the appearance of the nails. As the condition advances, its aspect is less pleasant. When it begins, the nail turns yellow or can bleach; later, a green stain may appear, until it becomes unpleasant and separates little by little from the skin. As the infection progresses, other symptoms can appear such as discomfort and pain in the area as when using certain shoes.

How can the Onychomycosis infection be avoided?

There is no specific prescription to avoid the infection. The fundamental thing is to maintain good hygiene, a clean and dry area. It is recommended that people use shoes that allow the foot to perspire and give good maintenance to the nails. It is common for infection to occur when one nail is infected and the rest are healthy. To avoid infection, patients should disinfect scissors and files before using them on healthy nails. Infection most commonly occurs from person to person. For example, you have a pedicure at a place where a person with Onychomycosis on their feet just had one and the instruments were used without being sterilized or your nails get polished with the same brush. This is a common case of infection. Patients who have had ingrown nails for a long time, may also be exposed to the infection, although it is less common.

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